First entry – or basic basics

Frustration level: wild to middling (going down)

Perfectionism pollution level: 7/10 (applied meditation)

Google searches: WordPress Tumblr connect; Stomp (& any number of musicals) tickets

Hello! This is my third attempt on a personal blog, and fourth one on a blog in general. I have been successfully managing a blog for my band/creative songwriting team, The Living Songbook, for as long as we had new songs to post (languishing for some time now). Two previous blogs seemed either too limited (London Pole – I ran out of will to write about identity crisis) or too unlimited (All Or Something – Sandwich With Everything. Does the name speak for itself? It’s a result of trying, and failing, to find a good blog name that somebody did not previously take).

But to be honest, I think that the main issue is my tendency towards perfectionism, which results in me writing long thinky essays or not at all.

So for this blog, I take a different strategy. I want to write every day, no matter how short or long. And I want to crosspost to Tumblr and learn how to build an audience. I have any number of texts I wrote for a potential blog, so I’d like to make use of them.

And this is my short list of goals for now! 🙂

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