Good Enough Day: Why I Want Moves Like Baby Penguin

Google searches: where is wp-content/plugins

Satisfaction: high!

Strategy: counterstrike


I am writing down why I’m happy today, because my head seems to have a special mechanism identifying why I should be sad and displeased with my actions. I’ve had an okay day, lying low at the house, hanging out with my visiting brother. We haven’t argued once (!), we have all these conversations that only happen when you don’t hurry – it’s awesome. I received long-awaited pictures from a September shoot (man… I lost some weight and hair since then, interesting to see!). And tonight K., my boyfriend, made miso soup with grilled fish, before we all piled into the car to go to the cinema.

Big Hero 6 is, to my mind, a cross between Robot and Frank and Kung Fu Panda. I just read up on it being a Marvel adaptation (does it mean sequels? Please let there be sequels!), but right now I am a bubbling container of feelgood. Pluses: no inevitable-feeling romance, female characters who are tough, geeky, professional and mean business; male characters are warm, intelligent, neat, crazy…. overall, no overstated gender cliches, well-built characters and narrative with plot twists. Plus cherry on the top: a robot named Baymax who is droll, deadpan and, you guessed it, extremely funny. His walk is apparently modelled on a baby penguin. I rolled on my cinema seat and cried with laughter – guilt-free, satisfying cinema for this girl!


I am still attempting to connect my WordPress to Tumblr. I activated Publicize, but it’s not working so far. Something to work on! Meanwhile, I’ll be in the corner, walking like Baymax.

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