My Wicked Thursday

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Thought content: activity increased by 50 % (based on roughly no calculations)

Today was…. well, great. And I’m saying this firmly ignoring the little voice pointing out the imperfections. I’m hoping it will eventually go away, but to be honest, the imperfections were tiny anyway. So – we got to go to a rehearsal for a show called Bromantics (soon to have a reading at Royal Theatre Stratford East), written and directed by Rikki Beadle-Blair. I am a huge fan of Rikki’s and participate in his projects and workshops, so it was brilliant to shadow him in a rehearsal (twice, no less!). My brother got to tag along, we were included in all physical and vocal warm-ups and I donated my street-find teddy bear to the show 🙂

Next – we went to town. Now, my brother hadn’t done much “touristing” before; he mostly had been hanging out at the house, resting. But today we wandered ’round central London, had an overpriced dinner (mostly because restaurant was by the theatre) and.. went to see Wicked! I hunted down 16.50 tickets for the stalls, and it was absolutely worth it. I really enjoyed the show.

For those of you, who – like me before tonight – have been living under a rock, Wicked is a retelling – you can be feminist and call it a herstory, you can be a fan of Wizard of Oz… and call it a fanfiction. However you call it, it’s a musical with powerful female characters, fantastic voices and enjoyable story line; we get to see the backstage of power, and it ain’t pretty. Wicked witch turns out to be a rebel/animal activist, and while she ultimately has to resign from power (my only quibble with the narrative: she gains power but then seems to be punished for it), we get to identify with her struggles, first as an outcast, then as a well-intentioned, but inexperienced player in the political game. While the politics get lost in the second part of the show (were the animals set free? we’ll never know…), it is so valuable to see a perspective of the underdog! I’m sure I’ll be thinking of this for a long time yet (like, take Glynda. Everyone seems to assume she’s an airhead with no talent to speak of, but she’s incredibly shrewd in using her talents to gain and maintain popularity… and she’s a political player in her own right… yawn….. sisterhood, engaging and thoughtfully explored…. mmmmmrrrph….. zzzzzz……) .

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