#Breaking: Lucky People Are Lucky

Google searches: offline for most of the day

General mood: shattered, sulky, elated

Count of creative arguments: lost

Song ready to be sent in for deadline: 1 (thankfully, they only requested one!)


Project proceeding apace. Meanwhile, I’m wondering about being lucky. Because I am – I feel very lucky. I’d say incredibly blessed, if I didn’t fear being judged for over-spirituality. And then I’d still say that.

Noticing the countless ways of being lucky is a skill. One it behooves you to practice. Lucky people are only lucky because they practice the lucky muscle. (Shut up, you know what I mean).

I’m too tired for this. Gotta catch some sleep. See you on the other side of dawn. I’ll be dreaming of dogs (music partner currently adding dog barking as a sound effect to newest song. How is this my life… #lifesurprises )

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