I like….


Both men are obsessed over her

She’s in the middle of tug of war

Pepsi & Coke are madly in love with her

They’re bad for her

She knows that

She started gaining weight ever since she started seeing them

She started eating more because she knows they like bigger girls

She just can’t choose between them

They’re both unique and do so much for her in their own ways

Coke spends a lot more money on her than Pepsi

Coke is more popular and is always recognized when they go out

And he’s just so handy around the house

Coke cleans her bathroom and toilet and makes it sparkling clean

When she lost her virginity to Coke

There was a bit of a mess on her bed sheets

Coke did the laundry so well that there was no trace of the blood whatsoever

But Pepsi has his redeeming qualities…

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