Please remain calm while we re-load the world

Google search: How to write a play (yes, desperation is here)

Playlist: Tarantino movie soundtracks

Realisations: plenty

Writing my play. I’d tear out some hair, but I spent some time growing that mohawk and it would be a waste. I’m really looking forward to my one woman show now – it feels like I will know what I’m doing a little more.

In any case?

Challenge: get the thoughts out of my head and onto my computer with minimum amount of self-loathing.

That play is in there. My mind is quite versatile, so I wrote about 5 sketches going from scratch – revamping the characters, trying on different plots… in the end though, I will work on the original draft I submitted. The action in it needs to be seriously ramped up. But that play is in there. I believe it. I can feel it.

I have the rest of today and tonight. Tomorrow deadline cometh.

Wish me luck.

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