Today writing is hard

… and not unlike meditation. You have a particular focus, you get distracted, you bring yourself back…. ad infinitum.

Except writing is NOT one focus. It’s divided focus. So many layers, characters, settings.

Suddenly I’m making sandwiches, eating stuff absent-mindedly that I don’t remember eating. Suddenly I have a million google searches, I want to register for Camden Fringe, I want to do everything else when in fact I need to write this play.

But despite that, above all, I am writing. I’m about 15 pages now, completely restructured from 2nd draft (which was 15 pages, total). So I’m either halfway or a bit earlier – a page is 90 seconds, I need about 40 pages ideally. I have some idea what happens in the second half, but I don’t know everything.

Deadline Tuesday. Early bird deadline, for friendly evaluation of a wonderful director friend – Saturday, midday. Thank god for deadlines. And friends. And plays, too.

Now let’s go for a swim, so my brain resets for a bit….!


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