Good theatre warning part 1: Options by Paloma Oakenfold! 1-3 June, Rosemary Branch Theatre, Islington.

Hello folks! The review karma on this blog continues. Here is my heartfelt recommendation for Options – a play about a girl who lost her mother, is about to become a mother, is planning suicide and still manages to be riotously funny.

If you’re into funny, irreverent women, this play is for you. Martha (Emma Richardson) is exactly what the doctor ordered: refreshing, to put it mildly, like an ice bucket challenge. She never meets a thought to shy away from, she takes them all to a logical conclusion and just a bit further. (Favourite quote, when speaking to her unborn child: “You look like a satellite lost in space… crossed with a king prawn!”). There’s crudity and poetry, beauty and ugliness, and she encounters others – her lover across the class divide, her grandmother – but mostly she is looking at and understanding – herself. Believe me though, this is not a therapy play – those leave you yawning, this will make you laugh AND cry.

If that’s not enough recommendation, there is also music – Rebecca de Jouvencel has a voice like a dream, and will have you begging for her soundcloud address by the end of the night (that’s one mistake I made – must get this girl’s contact, she is brilliant!) . Paloma Oakenfold, who wrote and directed the piece, makes this a sharp, nuanced exploration of the topic of motherhood, fate, class divide and poverty. To a trained eye it is obvious the actress had a great director: she moves between scenes with utmost precision; and her comic skills are superb.

So this baby is playing for three nights only: 1st to 3rd of June. Here is the Facebook event – and if you’re London-based, you better come to see my play on the 4th, so your theatre week is planned. 😉


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