There is such a thing as hope.

I’ve been getting up earlier, marvelling how it changes the shape of my days. You can only make and keep a promise to yourself, when there is hope.

Hope beyond ordinary jobs, swallowing up your life; hope above chores, hope beneath sadness, hope despite strain.

I hope for many things. I hope to finish Girlfag (threads of inspiration are being pulled as we speak). I hope to get a better job, or, failing that, start to earn more money in the current one. I hope I can fashion out a career that is suited to me. I hope my musical project, due to kick off on Thursday, will be a rousing success. i hope for beauty, I hope for love. I have both.

I hope I can walk around and inspire people. I need to inspire myself. Can’t offer things you don’t have.

So I let this blog die for a bit.

Um, sorry.

But I saw a tiny bit of traffic! And I thought “Oh, I should resuscitate the blog. Perhaps people crave news about my play and ideas and all that”. And here we are.

I will be brutally honest: I’ve not been writing “Girlfag”. I meant to. Planned on it. However, I got caught up in a spell of perfectionism. Turns out, a blog named “Good Enough Diary” is not a talisman against it, just a place where I can go and vent about it for a bit (q.e.d.). However, I’m still pleased. Something recently shifted in my head, and perhaps, just perhaps, I will write it.

In other news, I will be rescuing another blog soon – blog of my band, The Living Songbook – and have a LOT of work with that. I’m beginning to realize that aiming high and failing sometimes is as good as it gets. Dropping a lot of balls and trying to be professional is as good as it gets. Hurrah!

In the meantime I decided to start a modelling project. Because the more work, the better.

There will be more news, I promise!

For now – lots of love,

Rita x

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