Hey ho, get to work!

Hey! Remember me? I’m this person, who – long time ago – started this blog with a project: posting every day 30 days. After the project ran its course, quite happily so, she let it go a bit. And a bit more. And suddenly, the blog had little in the way of posts, and even less interaction. Hardly an uncommon story.

I’m back. I want to be. Not only I’m thinking of a Bigger Better Page TM (does anyone know how to transfer archival posts?), but also I want to blog every day, even if its just a sentence. I’m a writer. It’s not all I do (hence the sentence idea), but if in the entire day there is not a thought or an event worth mentioning, I’m failing in my purpose as an artist.

Why all this fire? Well, I work one of those jobs. We call them… “day jobs” (as in art can only be done at night) – “resting jobs” (because they require no effort) and, most grieviously, “money jobs” (this is so bad I won’t even comment on it). I am often fed up with That Job. I do it and am good at it; I recently wondered whether I apply the same work ethic to my own projects (the answer is, was, no, hence being back on the blog). Not only I’m not in a position to quit and Do Art, I applied for a position that will take me further into The Job.

Oh god.

There are reasons for me to go Further. First of all, I’m bored in my current position, and more responsibility would feel better; secondly, I’d definitely earn more money; lastly, I hunger for some sort of recognition that working odd-jobs hardly ever provides. Except, all these needs would be better served by a well-constructed, focused creative career.

I’m not staying asleep, anymore. If I have to struggle, let it be – creative.



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