The Learning Songbook – how to be creative

Here is today’s blogpost – synergized from my band’s blog (I’m hoping to get all my blogs together….). I am living this wonderful phenomenon, when all the things you vaguely meant to do “sometime” are suddenly moving up the queue, because you’re doing a big “thing”, and they have become necessary…. . Hence a day with promotional materials, editing video, discussing (getting) a website. Time to sleep, as 6 am brings more of that! 🙂

The Living Songbook

Here we are, yet again at the drawing board of “how do we promote”? There are bigger questions behind, wider implications: gigs are coming up and we have to let people know about them. We have to keep confident in what we’re offering, keep the spirit up and the communication.

For all of you, London-based: we are participating in Humanimalism, a stunning immersive musical directed by Rikki Beadle-Blair of Team Angelica. Rehearsals were/are incredibly fun, and now we’re getting to the good part! Get your free invite by emailing, and get yourself to Theatre Royal Stratford East on Friday and/or Saturday… 🙂


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  1. Hey, I heard that Poland recently elected a female Prime Minister (yaayyy gender equality!!! : ) ). I heard you’re from Poland, so I bet that has got to make you soooo proud!


    1. Ark, totally missed your comment! Sadly, even though the Prime Minister does represent a positive change (second female PM in Polish history!), she is part of the Law and Order party, and as such, a smokescreen for the party leader, Jaroslaw Kaczynski. Gender equality doesn’t play with right-wingers sometimes 😉 happy new year! 🙂 xxxxx


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