Intoxication Culture is a Bore

I really like how this is phrased. I’ve almost always been a non-drinker, or a 1-drink drinker. I went from hanging out with fellow scouts (scouts pledge sobriety in Poland, though theory and practice can differ) to student life (where “how come you’re not drinking” was a big deal) to choosing my own adventures and people who will not pester me to drink. In certain situations (family events) drinking is easier than not drinking, still. It took me most of my twenties to find my feet on the topic.

Cool text. Drinking culture (intoxication culture) as heteronormativity, hell yeah.

Clementine Morrigan

I often come across discussions online in which sober people are trying to find ways to continue to enjoy socializing and going out now that they have stopped drinking. Feedback ranges from becoming super into drinking sodas and fancy drinks to hiding the fact that you’re not drinking to giving up on nightlife and parties all together. The common thread that runs through these discussions is the idea that sober people need to find ways to adapt and adjust or else we need to give up and retreat. We are the sober ones, the odd ones out, and it is up to us to find ways to fit in.

Looking at this discourse, it reminds me of homonormativity. How can we, as queer people, fit into a straight world? How can we blend in seamlessly, get married and join the military, and prove to everyone that we are just like…

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