Day 12 of #NaPoWriMo: This Poem Is For You

if you are anxious before family meetings
and interacting carefully, like strangers
is your best-case scenario

if you can’t trust your people
to remember things as you remember
if things are never light, only gaslight
never relaxed, only tear-bright

this poem is for you

if you’re no son, daughter or sweet child of mine
if you learnt to set boundaries by being so far
that you want the distance to make it hurt less
that you hope you can cope and say yes, you’re fine

this poem is for you.

if estranged is best, if family crest
says never return, if burning those bridges
was the one road to safety and to your own nest

if holidays are harder, if you never started
to heal and your parent died, if it’s too real
this time of year, talking of rebirth
when your heart is ashes where family should be

this poem is a hug. this poem would like
to be the mum and dad you never had
this poem reminds you gently,
when it’s said and done

you’re not the only one.


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