#NaPoWriMo Day 24: Climb Up My Spine

climb up my spine like dread

but with your tongue, melt it up

my chest, a spiral staircase

take me on a journey of myself as

you glide around and

around like you’re swirling ice cream, a shot of

mocha in vanilla, you smile, I feel

a jolt inside. I think I

ripped something. A part of me that thought

I cannot be loved

is currently bleeding relief.


and I don’t want you to see, I try

to wipe myself immediately, eyes

dry on command, bleeding now contained, internal

turmoil but you read it with your mouth, pull back

to frown at me

are you okay, you say

beautifully confused. I don’t always have

words, (for someone who has

all the words), when it cuts,

tears mostly tell the story. I tell you

I tell you, I tell you all of it.

You don’t leave.


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