Day 13 of #NaPoWriMo: Shiny

Today I say down to remote writing brunch with Rhymes with Orange collective. My prompt was a sequinned jacket.

Do you remember that magical night?

Light in my face and you in my arms

Your wit had sparked as you held the mic

But on your torso the sparkle was mine


Do you remember that magical night?

Since then I’ve wept tears dusty and dry

Forlorn, abandoned in wardrobe’s corner

Magical night now seems like a misnomer


Have you forgotten how I made you shine?

Together we were thoroughly divine!

Come on, comedian, don’t you break my heart

Give your sequinned jacket a deserved new start!

Day 12 of #NaPoWriMo: This Poem Is For You

if you are anxious before family meetings
and interacting carefully, like strangers
is your best-case scenario

if you can’t trust your people
to remember things as you remember
if things are never light, only gaslight
never relaxed, only tear-bright

this poem is for you

if you’re no son, daughter or sweet child of mine
if you learnt to set boundaries by being so far
that you want the distance to make it hurt less
that you hope you can cope and say yes, you’re fine

this poem is for you.

if estranged is best, if family crest
says never return, if burning those bridges
was the one road to safety and to your own nest

if holidays are harder, if you never started
to heal and your parent died, if it’s too real
this time of year, talking of rebirth
when your heart is ashes where family should be

this poem is a hug. this poem would like
to be the mum and dad you never had
this poem reminds you gently,
when it’s said and done

you’re not the only one.

Day 11 of #NaPoWriMo: It Scared The Water

it scared the water. down to blood

its body heavy; frozen pond

the trees are trembling in the wind.


it hurt the water. silver fish

that glide soundlessly just beneath

they kept on moving, racing through


and all above was frozen still

and frantic movement down below


survival hinges on the warmth


it froze the water down to blood


can’t stop until the thaw.

Day 10 of #NaPoWriMo: Starlight Is A Swimming Pool

Today the prompt from @GardensBritish on Twitter made me remember Emily of New Moon, from Lucy Maud Montgomery’s books. And so, the poem:

the starlight is a swimming pool
that’s all that ever matters
I bathe in mist of light
like witches of old

it’s cold and unpleasant
and in their eyes I shatter
the everyday illusion cast from ordinary moulds.

I may be naked in stars’ gaze and shiver and deny
but I am dressed in fabrics preconceived by others’ minds

and of the body, in it, still
skin prickling and unsure
I’ve never felt more like myself
in starlight swimming pool.

Day 9 #NaPoWriMo: What Is Easter For

what is Easter for?

I don’t know.

All hail, for He is risen

a thoroughly pagan festival

eggs as a symbol of life

a focus for spring cleaning

what is Easter for?

I don’t know.

Palm Sunday, flowers, processions

sugar lambs sold next to churches

water guns*, pranks and laughter

Easter breakfast and supper

what is Easter for?

I don’t know

I missed my Ryanair plane

too viral for it to soar

Maybe I’ll bake me a cake

and Zoom the family some more

Maybe I’ll clean the windows

for sunshine to come indoors

while I try

to figure out

what is this year’s



*in Poland, Easter Monday has a tradition of pouring water on other people. While it started as a village courting habit, if you *have* to leave the house on Easter Monday, I’d advise a water gun – it’s you against the world!

#NaPoWriMo Day 7: Going To A (Small) Moon

Back to NaPoWriMo.Net prompts – today they were newspaper articles. I took a shine to this piece by the New Scientist about Earth having found a small, temporary extra moon:


Earth has a brand new moon

maybe the size of a car


(No, it’s not Elon Musk

blasting out tunes in the dusk)


a passing asteroid swooned

parked itself inside Earth’s orbit

love hit them like gravity

and without being too morbid

it will last till it doesn’t

they’ll moon until love runs out


Earth has a brand new moon

about the size of a car


NaPoWriMo Day 6: Forgotten Words

I forgot to post to the blog, so now catching up. Between writing the poem, posting it to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook AND my writing group WhatsApp, it slipped my mind. But here it is – the most popular of the poems so far. Also the shortest.




I left all your words in a well

by the time they break surface

I’ll be far away.

#NaPoWriMo Day 5: Something Borrowed

This poem was written in the format of Golden Shovel, which means that you take a quote and put each word of it as the last line of the poem. I used “Nothing Can Ever Happen Twice” by Wislawa Szymborska, which you can read here:


when you arrive, you say nothing

you’re barely there, will leave when you can

I don’t know how to hold you, if ever

I got a chance for that to happen

I’ll grasp it, it won’t happen twice

#NaPoWriMo Day 4 – About British Gardens

The prompt had us look at Twitter bots and one of the was about British gardens! Plus an ironic conversation on the topic and here it is…:


You are in a British garden. Your

elbows are tidy. Tucked away neatly against

your mood, lies wonder. A good dog

on a leash. Won’t even sniff

at magnolias. You are in a British

garden. Everything here is British.

like Yorkshire tea, like tagine.

localities. Daffodils, marigolds

as it was foretold. Cherry petals

fall. You are the dirt.

negligible, necessary. You are in

a British garden. Isn’t she

lovely. Which Beatles song are you?

How is you just like me? How is

you, me, really. Mosquitoes buzz.

Peaceful, appealing. Apple trees.

Focus on that. Roses, posies.

Poppies. Haze. Who was I again?

Ah, right. A British garden. Cheers, mate.

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