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Okay, so since I’ve become a freelancer I’ve been reading a lot. Possibly too much. I’m a keen reader and like to bring some new thoughts in to shake me up! As follows:

Cool website from Michael Yichao, who wrote on the political correctness argument in comedy. The title speaks for itself:

It’s Not Censorship; Your Jokes Are Just Crappy and Lazy

Then, there is Emma Lindsay. Twice: Once deconstructing the idea that rape destroys your personhood (and analyzing how sexual assault is something we, as society, become used to) and once, showing that Rey in Star Wars being a super powered Mary Sue is not as feminist as it might look like. Thumbs up!

What I Learned From Dating Women Who Have Been Raped

“Rey From Star Wars is Overpowered and it’s Terrible for Feminism”

Laura Munoz, quickly and eloquently shows why rape jokes in a practical situation are so, so very unfunny (in fact, threatening).

To Men I Love, About Men Who Scare Me

And finally the big one. Reserve time for this. Feministkilljoys is writing how folks protest being not-platformed by throwing words like oppression and censorship – in fact stifling legitimate discussion. I learnt a lot from it. You’re welcome.

You Are Oppressing Me!

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