#Breaking: Lucky People Are Lucky

Google searches: offline for most of the day

General mood: shattered, sulky, elated

Count of creative arguments: lost

Song ready to be sent in for deadline: 1 (thankfully, they only requested one!)


Project proceeding apace. Meanwhile, I’m wondering about being lucky. Because I am – I feel very lucky. I’d say incredibly blessed, if I didn’t fear being judged for over-spirituality. And then I’d still say that.

Noticing the countless ways of being lucky is a skill. One it behooves you to practice. Lucky people are only lucky because they practice the lucky muscle. (Shut up, you know what I mean).

I’m too tired for this. Gotta catch some sleep. See you on the other side of dawn. I’ll be dreaming of dogs (music partner currently adding dog barking as a sound effect to newest song. How is this my life… #lifesurprises )


Google searches: Hootsuite HELP, Hootsuite bulk uploading images

Mood: tired

Saturday is a big, big deadline for moi and my partner in life and art. Consequently, we go between sunny faces and happiness (we’re writing songs! wonderful artists will hear them! life is awesome!) and arguments about “vision” and all sorts of artistic license. We have just treated our neighbours to a late-night performance and now are having a quiet, post-fight moment.

The fights themselves are just… there. Possibly related to little sleep and tiredness. They’ll be gone soon enough. But creative sunshine doesn’t fade. It’s all worth it.

Supa-supa quick!

Today it’s a quick post – I’ve a feeling I won’t have time tonight. I am about to cook lunch/shower/run to work as if being chased by bats from hell! Coincidentally, K. (my bf) and I just started reworking songs written on commission, the topic being human/animal – and the first song we took on is about bats. Bats all around me…. So!

Grab that notebook, work on lyrics on the tube… running in the park already done…. I love it when my life is like this! ❤

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